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Hoopnotica: Hoopers in the Hood

Living in the shadows of Hoopnotica's corporate offices in Venice has delivered many pleasures and challenges.  Despite my independence, collaborating with them by wrapping hoops in exchange for travel hoops worked out. Opportunities to attend teacher trainings, studio teaching and press appearances have also come my way.  Knowing the beautiful hoop souls that are drawn there has been a great joy.  Fun and down right neighborly.  

Is it any wonder that my main challenge is being mistaken for them?  I always figured a comparison between my boardwalk gig and theirs would be like comparing a yard sale to Macy's.  Our Modes of Operation are completely different.  

Gabbi has recently sold Hoopnotica to a marketing firm called Milk & Honey.  They currently market their DVD's and travel hoops.  I was the proud recipient of the contents of her garage.  Some fun to be had here folks!

Happy to be offering their assorted goodies and dressing up their brilliant travel hoops with custom cases by one of a kind