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EclecticHoops: Westside Galleries

Hoops are my Art.  I create them out of raw domestic materials and an obsession with shiny tape.  Honored that eclectic Westside Galleries feature them in residency.   Each of these galleries promote spirit, passion, peace and vitality in this challenged Venetian community.  Their courage is my muse.

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For years I skipped over the Venice Boardwalk on the way to the shore.  I appreciated the creative intensity but it was all a bit seedy for me.  Then my life spun out of control.  Despite my yogic contemplative heady tech lifestyle, I managed to get very stressed and very unhealthy.  Hooping brought me back to my body having a huge effect on my recovery. 

I felt called to share the hoop love in my neighborhood, down the street, around the corner, where the lost angels land.  Art heals.

From May of 2010 until August of 2014 this eclectic collection was a regular fixture on the North end of the Venice Boardwalk near Rose Avenue.  Hoops met hundreds of thousands of hips unleashing thousands of new hoopers world wide. Hecho en Venice.  It was a blast.  I hope to have a presence there again some day.  Until then my sights are set east, just past Lincoln Blvd. and digitally world wide.

Find the entire collection with me at the plant (by appointment), eclectic community events, markets and all of the best parties.  Check my calendar.  Hoops in tow are below.

Thank you for appreciating my work,

Jennifer, a.k.a "Venice HoopLady"

310 482 8777