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Black Rock vs. Black Friday
Black Rock vs. Black Friday

by Jennifer Jensen November 24, 2016

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Dancing in the Purple Rain
Dancing in the Purple Rain

by Jennifer Jensen July 01, 2016

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Feeling a Fool
Feeling a Fool

by Jennifer Jensen April 01, 2016

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Shoops :: Ages 4-7


  • 30" Hoops tested on 1000's of kids from age 4-7
  • Hand made with materials made in the United States
  • 100 psi PVC with a 50 Warranty on cracking or splitting
  • Magnetic ball bearing inside for skatepark shoop sound
  • Great Party Favors

3/4"w :: 30"d :: .7lb

Recyclable HDPE Butter Hoops


Stage ready. Guilt free beauty. Solid taped hoops are perfect for intermediate hoopers. The perfect gateway to LED, polypro and poly carb hoops. Easy on the hands, ankles and feet for more advanced on and off body moves. The best is that once the hoop becomes well loved (trashed, thrashed, smashed) you can pop it in the (type 2) recycle bin. I could make a million of these.

Current selection in 30", 34" and 36" but happy to customize your size. This luscious pipe rolls best between 28" and 38".  Please allow a day or two extra craft time for custom orders.

Loved by kids ages 5+ but not entirely appropriate for those who can't have nice things. The hoops are taped by hand with love. They are meant to surround beautiful flow artists doing beautiful things. If you have a precocious little hoop dancer or rhythmic gymnast on your hands, GO FOR IT.

Again, they are recyclable.

Standard Dance Bling


Beautiful hoops for beautiful hoopers.  This hoop is the standard beginner dance size. 40" of medium speed fabulous in the same weight and feel as standard hoops made by HoopGirl and Hoopnotica.  1.7 lb Standard weight PVC.

Colors change up often so screenshot what you like.  Always happy to do custom work. 

Gravity's Rainbow


The ultimate beginner hoop.  They roll at a diameter of 43" and have 5 layers of fabulous rainbow grip tape for ultimate friction and minimal bounce.  Choose from a variety of shiny base colors.  Weighs in at 1.9 lb.

Furry Torus


For the hooper who has everything!  These party fabulous torus's are very heavy.  They need the extra gravitas to compensate for the aerodynamic drag provided by the fur.  Being heavy and slow they are for hoopers with pretty solid on body technique.  They do feel fabulous and unlike other 3 lb. hoops they do not bruise.

A fun factoid shared by an algebraic topologist friend is that the Fur Torus is not prone to cowlicks or bald spots.  Its even distribution is due to a continuous target vector field of the torus or donut shape.  This is unlike the cowlicks and bald spots found on a ball.  For more on this fascinating topic, see the Hairy Ball Theorem.

6pc Bags of Hoop


These sectional beauties assemble to a 6 piece 42" hoop weighing approximately 1.9 lb. The hoop with 5 segments is a brisk 36". Handy hoop kit to take everywhere.  

Hoop Bags include:

  • The hoop base made by Hoopnotica
  • Unique hoop designs by EclecticHoops
  • One of a kind cases designed and hand made by ooak.biz
  • Hoop protection sleeve to protect your bling
  • Grip Gloves by Hoopnotica

A sisterly collaboration and homage to a fantastic concept.


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