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Black Rock vs. Black Friday
Black Rock vs. Black Friday

by Jennifer Jensen November 24, 2016

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Dancing in the Purple Rain
Dancing in the Purple Rain

by Jennifer Jensen July 01, 2016

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Feeling a Fool
Feeling a Fool

by Jennifer Jensen April 01, 2016

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Infinite Rainbow Travel Hoop


34" folding Infinity Hoops in an array of colors.  

The hoop folds at the hinges into a figure 8 then in half again to a highly portable 17".  Unique flex tubing unfolds round again and retains its shape.  Great day hoop that weighs the same a LED's of that size.  Fast but grippy this hoop is great for hooping on or off body.

Standard Dance Bling


This hoop rolls in the most common dance size.  40" of medium speed fabulous in the same weight and feel as standard hoops made by HoopGirl and Hoopnotica.  Beautiful hoops for beautiful hoopers.  1.7 lb Standard weight PVC.


Gravity's Rainbow


The ultimate beginner hoop.  They roll at a diameter of 43" and have 5 layers of fabulous rainbow grip tape for ultimate friction and minimal bounce.  Choose from a variety of shiny base colors.  Weighs in at 1.9 lb.

Chakra Studio Sets by HoopHabit


6 tone mirror with lotus white cloth tape on each ensures no scuff marks on Yoga/Fitness Studio walls and floors. 

Tailored bundles for intimate classes.  Perfect hoops for Beginner/Fitness classes and indoor jams.  

Bundles offer hoops in 3 sizes:

  • 1 43" Superfreak Snowflake
  • 2 40" Standard Dance Chakra 
  • 2 36" Advanced Dance Chakra

Spread the hoop love!

Original Designs by Andi of Hoop Habit.  All proceeds are shared with the designer and concept originator.  Make a good thing and pass it on...

Andi Epstein is a Hoop Studio Instructor/Healer based in Ventura, CA and Ireland.  Her current schedule of classes are found at https://hoophabit.com

6pc Bags of Hoop


These sectional beauties assemble to a 6 piece 42" hoop weighing approximately 1.9 lb. The hoop with 5 segments is a brisk 36". Handy hoop kit to take everywhere.  

Hoop Bags include:

  • The hoop base made by Hoopnotica
  • Unique hoop designs by EclecticHoops
  • One of a kind cases designed and hand made by ooak.biz
  • Hoop protection sleeve to protect your bling
  • Grip Gloves by Hoopnotica

A sisterly collaboration and homage to a fantastic concept.


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