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Dance Hoops

The Hoops are my art.  They have healed me as they have so many others.

Hooping is a practice of Flow; a modality through which peak performance is achieved.  Side effects of a sustained Flow practice include increased focus, awareness and stability. Hoop Flow stabilizes the serotonin levels through belly massage.  Norepinephrine, dopamine, endorphins and anandamide levels in your brain also rise resulting in states of ecstacy, radiance and source connection.  This can lead to expressive dance fusing elements of yoga, movement play, rhythmic gymnastics, circus arts, hip hop, burlesque and Native American hoop dance.  A.C.E. (American Council on Excercise) clocks the calorie burn of hoop flow at a rate of 100 cal. per 10 minutes rounding out to 500 cal per hour on the waist.  

The rewards of seeing hoopers multiply and grow into fit, happy, healthy, smiling artists are so great.  I hope you find something that suits you and that you think of me in the progression of your practice. Write a review.  Share the hoop love all over.