Game On!

Game On!

January 21, 2016

Just in time for the HOOPERBOWL!!!!

After 5 long years I have finally committed to a web platform. It flows like the language it's written in, liquid. At this stage I am filling in content. The following will be built out on the site as an FAQ, inform my first newsletter and generate revenue necessary to support plans with the family.

I would love some feedback.  Here I am posting questions as a framework for your response to the site. 
My questions to you are:

  • Am I leaving anything obvious out? 
  • Does anything impede your flow through the site? Distractions, Broken bits, Irrelevance, etc.
  • If you came to my site for the first time would you come back? Why?
  • 3 things I love about it.
  • 3 things that you don't want to see again.

Express yourself freely through PM if your suggestions are lengthy, text if you spot a typo, respond to this post with constructive criticism.  Review a product on its page to share your experience. Review my business as a whole through the blue review tab to the right on the site. Have a happy hooping life and follow, pin, create and share. Spread the #hooplove like wildfire on Yelp!, Google, Angie's List, FourSquare and Facebook.



*** Why do you do hoop?

Flow in action moves my heart louder than words. The expression of our essence, our connection to source, is life. Flow Expressed in music and movement we become the change we want to see. The arts of live music and hoop dance are better than chocolate.

***What do I need to start?

It helps to know what works for you before you commit to a custom hoop. Remember, bigger is easier. Heaviness does not determine your hoop fit as much ad diameter. Beginners looking for a good work out and all of the basic on body moves should start with a hoop diameter 40" or larger. When sizing kids aim for a diameter hoop equal or greater than the distance between the floor and their belly button.

***I've never been able to do that. It worked with yours! Where can I get a hoop? 

First consult with community members about your preferences, local hoop makers, social media or etsy. Find me at events, classes and jams listed on the Community Calendar. You can try on and buy in person and pick up your hoop at your favorite location; The Plant off Venice Boardwalk, Featured Galleries, Markets and Events. Save on shipping by selecting On Site Pick Up to reserve your hoop on location or to arrange delivery.

***Can you buy them online?

Yes! is open for business. Made it myself and it finally flows like liquid. Sales and discounts are in the Slightly Faded sale items located at the base of the homepage. Collections include fitness Trainers, Superfreaks, Dance Hoops, Kids and Advanced Stagecraft for the committed. Bulk options are available for parties, dance studios and teachers.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Pay by Amazon and BitCoin. Apple Pay is on the way...

Select On Site PickUp option at Checkout to arrange pick up or local delivery.  Flat rate USPS shipping: $10 Domestic/$30 International.

***I see hoops everywhere. What huge hoop company do you work for?

I work for myself with a little help from my family, friends, neighbors and mentors. People mistake me for other hoopers all of the time. Flattered indeed but the hoop making community is huge. I do aspire to be everywhere and feature class, market and event info on my homepage.

You can also find them amongst many happy hoopers in alternative marketplaces like Square, Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Zazzle.

All roads lead to from Facebook, Google Shopping, Tweets, Shop-able shareable Pinterest Pins and a separate set of Pins of local events, Close5 posts and personal favorites called Local News and Close5.

Like, pin and share the HoopLove where you prefer.

***Where do they come from?

I make them. They are my Art. DIY materials are found online and shared on my site if you want to make them too. My canvases are of responsibly sourced plastics extruded and finished in the US. The big ones are made like this... ( Small fast hoops are made like this... (hoop supplies Droo and IsoPop).

Honored to list Specialty items from contributing small businesses I have the pleasure of listing under Collective on the menu bar. Donations of hoops supplies are always graciously accepted.

***Are you here all of the time?

You can no longer find me on the Venice Boardwalk. That is a long story.

I still aspire to be consistent and accessible. is open 24/7 with a calendar of occasions.
Past Annual and Monthly and future appearances make the list below:

  • Jackalope Arts Festival
  • Beach Yoga with Aaron
  • Abbot Kinney Festival 
  • Odd Nights at the Autry & more Odd Market
  • KCRW's Pie Contest at the Fowler Museum
  • Reggae on the Mountian
  • Venice Beach Music Festival
  • Topanga Days
  • Venice Spring Fling
  • Venice Art Crawl's
  • DTLA ArtWalk

*** I'll be back...  

You will. I know. Pretty much everyone I meet personally does.  It has taken years for some but they do come back.  Most people are a few pay periods away from shopping for themselves. Parents need to budget for their kidsl If you see something you like, save it in My Cue in the Menubar. Cue lets you combine all of your wishlists into one organized space and get word on markdowns and specials.

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