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The most popular festival hoop by far.  Great for new hoopers who just want to dance the day away.  42"- 43" diameter.  Slow hoop of standard density PVC with plenty of grip.  Master all on body moves, lifts and passes.  Easy on the shoulders and chest.

This is the size of my first hoop.  It is big, slow, responsive, medium weight and durable.  A great easy practice hoop for mastering all on body moves, angles, lifts and passes and sustained spinning.  Learn about your range of motion, momentum and constant awareness of your clearance.  Beach, park and party friendly. Fun to share.  Easy for everyone, it is the perfect practice hoop.  

I want you to have them so they are the least expensive beginner hoop.  Save the shiny bling for when you have mastered this size.

3/4"w :: 43"d :: 1.8 lb