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Hoop Habit: Feed the Craving

Proud to be partnering with Andi of Hoop Habit to spread the hoop love through Ventura and beyond.  Andi has been teaching and wrangling the scene since 2005 and we are all better for it.  

Andi has over 20 years of experience treating adults and children of all ages and dis-ease. Her vast training in ancient healing modalities including Laughter Yoga, HoopDance, Interpersonal Service and energy healing, combined with traditional strength and somatic training allows her to provide a holistic treatment approach to each individual.
Andi was initiated and personally trained by world renowned Psychotherapist & Humanitarian Derek O’Neill in Teaching the Rising Star Healing System and NLP & Beyond. The offerings are ancient wisdom and yet apply to today’s world.

Andi Girl’s energy is off the charts with her passion of Hooping FUN meets functionality.  Hooping for the first time ever in Fall 2005 in her mid 30’s, she went from a size 20 to a size 12 in six months.  A real woman in an every day woman’s body, she is on a mission to get the “Cutie with the Bootie on the Move”.  Andi teaches all levels of Hoop Habit Holistic Hoop Dance and offers Hoop Habit Certified Teacher Training for any practitioner of energy or movement.  In 2009 she was called a ‘Modern Goddess of the Boardroom’ fusing the alternative Rising Star Healing System™, Hoop Habit™ and Tantra Fusion into Corporate Wellness Programs. Committed to raising global consciousness through healing & applying practical tools for mind|body|spirit|emotional|sexual fitness.

Hoop Habit™ is a one-stop source in play therapy and motivational movement teacher training.