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Stage ready. Guilt free beauty. Mirrored solid taped hoops are perfect for intermediate hoopers. The perfect gateway to LED, polypro and poly carb hoops. Easy on the hands, ankles and feet for more advanced on and off body moves. The best is that once the hoop becomes well loved (trashed, thrashed, smashed) you can pop it in the (type 2) recycle bin. I could make a million of these.

Current 3/4" width selection rolls in 30", 34" and 36" but happy to customize your size. This luscious pipe rolls best between 28" and 38" in diameter.  Please allow a day or two extra craft time for custom orders.

Loved by kids ages 5+ but not entirely appropriate for those who can't have nice things. The hoops are taped by hand with love. They are meant to surround beautiful flow artists doing beautiful things. If you have a precocious little hoop dancer or rhythmic gymnast on your hands, GO FOR IT.

Again, they are recyclable.

Hot Pink