Recycled Heavy PolyPro

Imported from London for Marawa the Amazing!  This recycled PolyPro is easy and holds its shape in larger sizes.

These hoops mean business - no time for glitter. This is the hoop you choose when you wanna work out.

Fitness hoola hoops are perfect for lounge rooms, bedrooms, parks and office tea rooms. They have a smooth, strong finish, come in bold colours and will get that waist trim in no time. Get fit and have fun!

They are currently out of stock while Marawa is off breaking records, publicizing her book and enjoying newlywed bliss.


Polypropelene recycled plastic
approximately 1 inch in diameter
no kinks – these hoops cannot be bent like toystore hoops
300–400gms (.66 lbs - .88 lb) in weight – comfortable to work out with and do tricks

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